Reblogged from patchedworklife March 23, 2012 by comelookatmychesthair

I feel like some people are too stupid to come to the conclusion — of their own volition, I mean — that my blog is sarcastic. Facetious. Satirical entertainment. Not to be taken seriously. 

Take patchworktidbits, for example, who wrote the following (accompanied by the above snapshot):

I was looking on my dashboard and I found I got a new follower. I was pretty happy…until I saw the url of my new follower.  When I went to go check it out, it was exactly what I feared it was going to be. …There really is a tumblr for everything.

FYI, patchworktiddilywinks or whatever, I only followed you because you reblogged one of my posts. Follow rescinded!

This post goes for everybody, really. If you’re under the misguided impression that this is a serious blog with serious blog-posts that seriously takes chest hair seriously, then you are not only seriously fucking wrong, but you are also dumb as a big, old bag of shit.

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