'Eco-Friendly Man-Chests 2012' Calendar

December 7, 2011 by comelookatmychesthair

Back in April, my girlfriend — who runs the awesome eco-fashion blog, Green House of Fashion — and I decided to combine our blog-powers and create a 2012 male pin-up calendar that celebrates both CHEST HAIR and ECO-FRIENDLY [insert whatever] at the same fucking time. 



Yessir, these eco-friendly man-chests are the culmination of months upon months of picture-taking, model/prop-procuring, and graphic-designing out the proverbial wazoo. There are twelve chests in all, obviously, eleven of which belong to human men and one of which belongs to a canine man by the name of Guybrush Threepwood Schumacher-Moore.

Each chest — or, uhh, you know, male model — is adorned with eco-friendly fashion, including but not limited to a vintage scarf, a vintage bandana, thrifted sunglasses, upcycled mittens, organic underwear, a recycled cotton backpack, and so on and so forth ad infinitum. The food featured in the calendar is organic or vegan or natural. And best of all, the sexiness is about as bio-degradable as it gets.

Basically, we tried really hard to make everything in this calendar as eco-friendly as physically fucking possible, including the calendar itself. 


For those of you who have yet to turn back, there are three ways (that I’m aware of?) to enjoy this awesome calendar. 

First, you can experience it in the form of a PDF, if that’s your preferred means of perusing calendars:


If you’d like to save the calendar to your computer and you’re using Safari or Google Chrome:

  1. Go to the PDF
  2. Select "File" in your internet browser
  3. Select “Save Page As”
  4. Choose your preferred download location on your hard-drive

If you’re using Firefox, the PDF should automatically be downloaded onto your computer. If you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer … may the lord have mercy on your soul.

Second, you can purchase the actual, physical calendar that we’re selling on Etsy. (FYI, 20% of the proceeds will go to the World Wild Life Fund. The rest will go to paying for these goddamned calendars.)


And third, you can peruse the many, many images below (click to enlarge):

  The Cover

  Mr. January Eco-Friendly Man-Chest

  January Calendar

  Mr. February Eco-Friendly Man-Chest

  Mr. February

  Mr. March

  March Calendar

  Mr. April Eco-Friendly Man-Chest

  April Calendar

  Mr. May Eco-Friendly Man-Chest

  May Calendar

  Mr. June Eco-Friendly Man-Chest

  June Calendar

  Mr. July Eco-Friendly Man-Chest

  July Calendar

  Mr. August Eco-Friendly Man-Chest

  Mr. August Eco-Friendly Man-Chests

  Mr. September Eco-Friendly Man-Chest

  September Calendar

  Mr. October Eco-Friendly Man-Chest

  October Calendar

  Mr. November Eco-Friendly Man-Chest

  November Calendar

  Mr. December Eco-Friendly Man-Chest

  December Calendar


So there it is. The calendar crossover of the century. You can also check out my girlfriend’s much better blog-post over at Green House of Fashion to see how much better she is at making blog-posts.

Thoughts? Compliments? Hatred-spewings? Kindly (or in the case of hatred-spewings, not so kindly) leave them in the comments below, please, thank you.

King Chest Hair

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